Andalou Naturals Sensitive Get Started Kit

Sample sizes are perfect to try out new beauty products, especially when you have a tight budget and very picky, sensitive skin. I purchased this kit as I started running out of day cream and completely ran out of my favorite night cream. Not wanting to commit to full size products has enabled me to test a larger range of brands and ingredients.

I used to shop almost entirely out of the local Better Health store before I started reducing the amount of waste I accumulate.  I recognized the brand Andalou Naturals in the beauty aisle. There are different starter packs of products depending on the issue you’re trying to correct. Each contains a toner, cleanser, mask or exfoliator, day cream and/or night cream. I opted for the Sensitive Get Started Kit but there are also Brightening, Age Defying, Clear Skin and Quenching.

So this is what comes inside:
.8 fl oz 1000 Roses® Pearl Exfoliator   This product was my favorite in the set. I used it after removing my makeup and cleansing in the shower. It has a strange texture but resulted in very soft skin. I’d probably repurchase this.
–  1 fl oz 1000 Roses® Floral Toner   The toner got used up pretty quickly because it’s hard not to squeeze a lot out when you dispense it. I’m new to the toner concept and have never really thought they did anything. This one smelled very strong. I expected it to burn but it actually did soothe my face a little bit. Not a huge difference with this product alone. I used it before bed and before applying makeup.
.5 fl oz 1000 Roses® Rosewater Mask   Masks are my favorite thing ever, but this one did absolutely nothing.
.4 fl oz 1000 Roses® Beautiful Day Cream   I’m pretty sure this was the cause of some light breakouts on my cheeks and forehead. It wasn’t very moisturizing either. I liked the smell. Just did not work for me.
.4 fl oz 1000 Roses® Heavenly Night Cream   This was my other favorite in the kit. It went well over the oils I put on before bed. Also noticed redness reduction the next morning. While all of the products had the same scent, it was stronger in some than others. This cream had the perfect amount of scent to it. I’d repurchase this also.

For $19.99 this kit was a good deal. The products didn’t all work on my skin so it was disappointing. I also did not like the amount of packaging  and plastic it comes with. I’d like to do a couple posts about cutting down on how much waste I accumulate. With regards to beauty products, at least a little waste seems unavoidable at this point.

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