Sensitive Skin and the Seasons

Winter has come. Bring on the chapped lips and flaky dry skin. Every season brings a little adaptation to a skincare routine. I’ve had some really annoying reactions and rashes from Summer to Fall to now Winter. This is how I’ve dealt with them on super sensitive skin.

Inflammation gets worse in the summer for some reason for me. Probably because of the extra oil and sweat from heat. I also usually get poison ivy, which happened on my face and neck this year. Witch hazel helped stop the itching and calamine lotion dries up the rash. Around the time that rash cleared up I developed another rash that looked like perioral dermatitis, mostly on my chin, forehead and cheeks, around my mouth and nose. I’m almost positive it is from a food allergy because the thing that cleared it up was fasting for a day and drinking loads of water. Neem oil also helped my skin heal.

Side note: My skin is so sensitive that most non natural products burn, I have to sleep on a silk pillow case, any non natural foundation will clog more pores, and I’ll develop dermatitis from an allergy at least three times a year (I’m a bartender so I’m around lots of chemical irritants).

My acne also came back at the end of summer from extra stress and unhealthy eating. It was the worst I’d seen since middle school. A few things helped while I also got back onto my whole foods diet and tried to de-stress everyday:

  1.  Washing my face every morning and night. In the morning I just use water and if I have time a mud mask. At night I’ll take off my makeup and then go in to cleanse.
  2. Drinking way more than the daily recommended amount of water.
  3. Not using too many products, but always moisturizing and cleansing.
  4. Going a couple of days a week without wearing makeup. This step has helped my skin heal so much faster.

For winter I always have to add different oils and creams for the dryness. And I also drink more water. Sometimes I’ll develop eczema on my face and hands.  For my face calendula oil is the only thing that clears it up, other than the eucerin (I don’t like the greasiness or chemicals on my face). I try to leave off other products on those areas because they get easily irritated. Also, having a laundry detergent without a fragrance is so much more comfortable. Still looking for an all natural hand creme for eczema!

Other future goals:

  • Finding a pH balanced cleanser, see if that helps with irritation.
  • Finding a sunscreen that isn’t super greasy.
  • Minimizing pore size.
  • Clearing up the texture on my cheeks and forehead.
  • Finding an organic mascara that won’t burn my eyes.
  • Clearing acne scars (just bought a few products and will review after using).

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