img_0283Hi, I’m Megan.

I created this blog initially to share my transition to natural, non-toxic beauty/skincare. In that process I discovered the Zero Waste Movement. It’s based on creating as little amount of waste as possible through reducing, refusing, reusing, recycling, re-homing and composting. And through that movement I unintentionally adopted an all natural, whole food, plant-based diet. The basic foundations of these movements came together like a little network for me. Reviving Beauty is about how I’m creating a better lifestyle for myself that fits with who I am. I’m bringing true beauty back into my world.

While I personally attempt to live as sustainable lifestyle as I can, nobody is perfect. There’s no such thing as being completely zero waste, or non toxic, or all natural in modern society. I’d rather look at these as challenges rather than failures.

These choices I’ve made, meant to better myself individually, are also supporting a healthier, happier planet. And vice-versa… the world wants me to be my greatest self.